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How to Wash a Hat in the Dishwasher

how to wash a hat in the dishwasher
Written by Jillian Wyatt

Well, it seems a pretty strange question. Isn’t it? But yes, it is something doable, and I personally do it. If you are one of those who actively participate in outdoor activities wearing a cap or this question just popped out in your mind from nowhere, let us answer this question and tell you how to wash a hat in the dishwasher.

Usually, the dishwasher is considered efficient energy and water-saving appliance, and mostly it is used in the kitchen. The main purpose of a dishwasher is to clean the dishes, bowls, and other crockery. Usually, a best dishwasher 2021 will have several wash cycles, modes including temperature control features, and you know how to use those features effectively for getting the best results, which are to keep your dishes clean. Still, the question here is about washing the hat. So let us get into the topic and guide you on how to wash a hat in the dishwasher.

You should have the following:

The first step is to check the tag, which is usually found inside the cap. You may find some washing instructions on the tag. It may be related to some washing guidelines, i.e., water temperature during the wash, instruction about ironing, etc. This tag may have information about the fabric to give you a better idea if you should wash it without damaging the fabric.

Once you do so, you should then analyze the condition of the cap. If you think it requires a quick hand wash to remove any sweat, extra dirt, or any substance, start with washing it with hands for a few seconds using a stain removing liquid. This will help the dishwasher to do an effective job. We have created a separate guide about using a dishwasher.

You will need to wait for a few minutes until the soil and dirt break down by the liquid. If you think you should skip this process and directly use the dishwasher, here is the next step.

If, by any chance, you have the cap frame, which is used to keep the shape of the cap intact after the wash. You will then need to put your hat in it and keep it on the dishwasher’s top-shelf. You can also use clips to hold the cap. You can also wash multiple caps but make sure straps hold them. Make sure you don’t wash any dishes or bowls with the cap.

The next step is to select a dishwasher that should be good enough for the fabric. For the fabric, you should avoid a dishwasher having citric acid or bleach. Once you do it, you will need to use the shortest and coldest wash cycle. You don’t have to use the dry heat option.

Once the dishwasher has done the job, you will need to remove the hat from the hat frame and keep it aside to let it dry. For a fresh look and drying purpose, select a place that has adequate airflow. Also, make sure you keep it in a jar or on something which could keep the shape fine while it dries.

What can you wash in a dishwasher except for dishes and bowls?

Well, you might wonder that you can wash other household items as well as using the best dishwasher in 2021. Want to know about them?

  • Sponges and brushes
  • Bath Toys
  • Golf balls
  • Some of the Vacuum cleaner accessories
  • Brush holders
  • Showerproof items (Read dishwasher guidelines)
  • Hair and makeup brushes
  • And more!

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